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Spectator's Ship

2015, 13 min.

Virtual Reality 360 Degree Film

Hybrid Documentary

Director: Momchil Alexiev

“Spectator’s ship” follows the story of an actor called Jacque during his preparations for a film role. He meets with colleagues and friends and discusses with them his current project. We follow his interactions and witness his imagination. From realistic 360 environments, we dive into abstract water landscapes and surreal moments. During the collective work on the film set, where the recording will happen, spectators become part of the process of making. In this story, we are spectators who act more than usual and who know more than usual.

“Spectatorship, Trust, Responsibility. Long John Silver is not interested in those. All he cares about is his missing eye and an old golden treasure. I, on the other hand, am concerned. I start understanding why Captain Flint insisted on signing a contract before departure. We left the port ahead of schedule and the ship will have to be finished on the way. We are reaching open waters very soon. The question is who is going to be the captain and who the master of this journey.”