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Lilly the Little Fish

Bulgaria, 2017, 107 min.

Yassen Grigorov
Script: Yassen Grigorov
D.O.P.: Krasimir Andonov
Music: Victor Stoyanov
Producer: The Flying AgencyYassen Grigorov

Language: English and Spanish (Dubbing), Bulgarian
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
Rights Holder / Agent email:

Festivals and Awards:
European Cinematography Awards 2017 - Best Europe Film
Golden Rose 2017, Varna, Bulgaria – Special Mention IMDB Film Festival


A fairytale about a child, who reacts to each glance with a transformative whirlwind which turns it from Danny, a boy, to Alex, a girl. In an attempt to solve this mysterious metamorphosis the child and its parents embark on a journey to a small village where they meet Lilly - the granddaughter of travelling sorcerers. Lilly, who is gifted with magical powers, decides to make an extraordinary and challenging spell to help her friend.