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Corpse Collector

Bulgaria, 2015, 111 min

Script: Marin Damyanov
Director: Dimitar Dimitrov
DOP: Boris Slavkov
Producer: Magic Shop
Color Grading: Kalin Petrov Concept Studio

film transfer conformation and mastering: Stoyan Velinov / Concept Studio



Language: Bulgarian language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
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Itso drives a special category ambulance - “the corpse van” together with his assistant - a Gypsy man nicknamed “Buddy” and earns very little. Their job is to retrieve bodies of recently deceased and transport them to the morgue.

Itso is a simple and amiable man who falls for an attractive but unsympathetic woman - Katya (40), who not only uses him but also lacks feelings for Itso. She is arrogant and humiliating, but that doesn’t seem to put Itso away, whose manhood has been marked by his loving but cruel mother. Katya turns out to be a mistress of the mafia boss Rocco, who beats her and one of the days - brutally rapes her, witnessed by fearfull Itso. Buddy convinces Itso that real men deal with life problems by administering justice themselves. Itso decides to rescue Katya and her 14-year old son Mario from Rocco, and free the world from a villain...