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 Bulgaria, 2017, 28 min 

Script: Olga Ivanova and Kamen Kolarov
Director: Kamen Kolarov
D.O.P.: Damian Dimitrov
Composer.: Georgi Strezov
Editor: Stoyan Velinov
Production: Concept Studio


It’s Emi’s (70) birthday and she is waiting for her daughter, Boryana (42), and her family, to come for dinner when she gets a call that they will not be able to come. Upset, she agrees with her neighbor’s (Maria, 73) idea to pretend to have suffered a micro heart attack in order to make her daughter visit her. The plan works. Boryana, who is a TV host, manages to get away from work and arrive at her mother’s house, although it takes a lot of effort. Supported by her friend, Emi manages to play her role and convince her daughter not to take her to hospital, but stay and look after her. Boryana reluctantly agrees, hoping that she will soon be able to persuade her mother to be taken to a hospital in Sofia. The daughter quickly takes over and imposes hew views about Emi’s diet and the state of the house. The two stubborn old ladies resist these changes, which leads to comic situations. Mother and daughter are together for two days, during which Boryana is torn between looking after her mother and preparing her new TV programme.

With time, living together becomes easier, Boryana begins to rethink her priorities, and the broken relationship between mother and daughter is being restored. However, the lie has its consequences and leads to a dramatic twist.