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Last Call

Bulgaria, 2020, 118 min.

Director: Ivaylo Penchev
D.O.P.: Georgi Chelebiev
Producer: Urban Media

Language: Bulgarian Language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
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In "Last Call" starrs Maria Bakalova, shortly before she charmed the creators of Borat and all of Hollywood and be nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. She is a young lady who decided she wants to jump off a bridge, but another suicide saves her. They soon announce their intention to marry. The problem is that he is several times older than her. The news terrify his greedy relatives and her father, who recently has become a priest. Misunderstandings entangle, and the real motives of most of the characters are not what they seem. Comic situations reach absurdity and sarcastically expose human relationships in order to acknowledge bitter memories and past mistakes. Surprises pour in one after the other until the very end of the film, which really ends with a wedding, but the groom is the most unexpected.