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Bulgaria, 2019, 116 min.

Director: Nikola Bozadzhiev
Script: Nikola Bozadzhiev
D.O.P.: Stefan Vrachev

Composer: George Strezov
Production: First Take

Color Grading: Concept Studio / Kalin Petrov



Skill and bravery turn a local brigand, named Shibil, into a threat to the Ottoman authorities and a legend among young men. Shibil falls in love with Rada, the daughter of a rich merchant Veliko Kekhaya. In order to demonstrate his loyalty to the Ottoman government, Veliko Kekhaya devises an unheard of trap for Shibil – using his own daughter as bait. Shibil and Rada embrace love, which in the eyes of their suffering mothers and the villagers is equal to death.

This is a story of the impossible love, seen through the eyes of an unexpected hero, which at the story end reveals its nature, - the incarnated shadow of the main character.