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Silent Legacy

Bulgaria, 2021, 60 min, documentary

Director: Petya Nakova

Script: Petya Nakova, Ognyan Statelov
D.O.P.: Dimitar Kostov

Production: Contrast Films

Editor: Stoyan Velinov / Concept Studio
Co-producer: Krastyo Lambev
Executive producer: Concept Studio

Co-production: HBO Europe


Tanya, a very generous and supportive teacher in her own school for deaf children, gets sick. She is forced to change everything in her life. Her daughter Kathy immediately decides to step into her mother's place. Kathy run the school and took care of her teenage sister. For a twenty-year-old, without a significant experience, it is a big life test. Will the family and friendship's power be enough for mother and daughter to withstand?