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Damascena: The Transition

 Bulgaria, 2019

Director: Alexandar Smolyanov
Writers: Stoyan Stoyanov, Maria Laleva, 
Alexandar Smolyanov, Hristian Nochev
D.O.P.: Hristo Genkov
Composer.: Georgy Strezov
Producers: Stoyan Stoyanov, Concept Studio / Krastyo Lambev
Post - Production: Concept Studio

Language: Bulgarian language with English and Turkish subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
Rights Holder / Agent: Concept Studio


This biographical drama follows the life of Techo - one of the biggest rose oil producers in Bulgaria nowadays and depicts the collision between his dream and the harsh political and social reality in Bulgaria during the past fifty years.

Techo grows up during the communism in the beautiful Rose Valley. Following his passion, he becomes a technologist for the local rose distillery. Shortly after that, the communist regime collapses, and Techo’s goal to establish the first independent rose oil distillery seems within reach. The long years of political transition, however, affect both the business and his life dramatically. Thanks to his indefatigable efforts, Techo puts Bulgaria amongst the world’s leaders of rose oil production. “The dream is always bigger than prayer”, says Techo, and proves it with every step of his life.