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The Transition - Damascena

 Bulgaria, 2019

Director: Todor Anastasov, Alexandar Smolyanov
Writers: Stoyan Stoyanov, Maria Laleva, 
Alexandar Smolyanov, Hristian Nochev
D.O.P.: Hristo Genkov
Composer.: Georgy Strezov
Producers: Stoyan Stoyanov, Concept Studio / Krastyo Lambev
Post - Production: Concept Studio

Language: Bulgarian language with English and Turkish subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
Rights Holder / Agent: Concept Studio


In a poetic drama based on real events, THE TRANSITION - DAMASCENA peers into the life of a young man who grows up dreaming of being an independent rose oil producer. A story of a dreamer living in the in the realm of suppressive Communism, and later – a dysfunctional democracy, who is forced to continually fight for justice, humanity and the chance to realise his ambition.