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Twisted World

Bulgaria, 2019, 111 min.

Director: Marius Kurkinski

D.O.P.: Ivan Tonev
Production: Ars Digital Studio

Script: Emil Bonev
Based on the short story by Nikolay Haytov from his book “Wild Stories”

Color Grading: Concept Studio/Kalin Petrov


“Everyone has a fairy godmother; I must have had two! My whole life, one is digging to bury me, the other is bringing me from the dead… My whole life! Even before I was born.” Conceived out of wedlock in a society in which this is unacceptable, Milyu comes to this world in spite of everyone. Always on the brink of life and death, love and hate, revenge and forgiveness.

Milyu, the odd man out. Milyu, the small man. Crippled Milyu. He has struggled with the twisted world he lived in throughout his whole   life and finally, struck by an insight he realized: "One cannot die upon some whimsy! One has to have his whole life to live and to build his own faith! Life has to be lived throughout! "