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Bulgaria, 2023, 100 min, documentary

Director: Nikolay Vasilev

Script: Nikolay Vasilev, Lilia Angelova, Tanya Cheshmedzhieva 
D.O.P.: Ivaylo Kuzov, Joro Nedyalkov, Nikolay Petrov, Plamen Gerasimov, Nedyalko Danov, Borislav Georgiev

Production: Nikolay Vasilev

Co-production: Krastyo Lambev / Concept Studio

Color Grading: Kalin Petrov / Concept Studio


Vaklush is a film about the life and ideas of one of Bulgaria's most enigmatic personalities, filmed over the course of 20 years.
Sentenced to death, declared an "enemy of the people", he survived the political camps of communism. For him, suffering does not exist, and evil is unevolved good. A heretic to dogmatists, Vaklush defended the rights of the soul and taught that man is an evolving god.
When contradictions become more than knowledge, there is a need for Enlightenment.