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Bulgaria, expected premiere in 2020

Director: Andrey Andonov

Script: Hristo Hristov
D.O.P.: Hristo Hristov, Antoni Krastev

Production: A Plus Films
Color Grading: Concept Studio/Kalin Petrov


A police inspector in a newly created Anti-Terrorist Agency is about to lose his job due to lack of results. He produces a report, identifying a local young man as the leader of a terrorist cell. The innocent boy is meanwhile affected by a split from his long-time girlfriend, and undertakes actions that look very suspicious for any observer in the wrong context, leading to his arrest. Feeling remorse for the young man, the inspector tries to make amends with his victim, but surprisingly the youth devises a plan to turn the whole affair into a profitable opportunity, forcing the inspector into his intricate schemes. The two form an unusual criminal tandem to steal resources from the available anti-terrorist funds, playing a dangerous faux-terrorist theatre - which can be easily done in the country they live in, and is so absurd indeed that may confuse some real terrorists.

—Christo Dermendjiev