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 Bulgaria, 2017, 28 min 

Script: Olga Ivanova and Kamen Kolarov
Director: Kamen Kolarov
D.O.P.: Damian Dimitrov
Composer.: Georgi Strezov
Editor: Stoyan Velinov
Production: Concept Studio


Boryana leads a busy life, trying to juggle her family obligations with the career of a TV presenter. Immersed in a fast-paced lifestyle, she has little to no time for her children, not to mention visiting her mother in a village out of the city.

In a desperate call for attention, Emy (Boryana’s mother) pretends to have fallen sick, hoping that Boryana will come and stay with her for little longer than usual. After a couple of stressful days, balancing between Emy’s needs and her overloaded personal and professional life, Boryana finally gives in to the cosy feeling of being back home and enjoying the little moments with her mother.

Their bubble is burst by the reality of life, and everyone is once more reminded that all actions have consequences..