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Bulgaria, 2018, 102 min 

Director: Martin Makariev
D.O.P.: Ivan Vatsov
Script: Georgy Angelov, Aleksandar Chobanov, Yana Marinova, Boby Zahariev
Production: Spirit House Production, Indie Film

Language: Bulgarian Language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
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The young ravishing teacher Lora Angelova is torn apart by the love she has for the school her father founded, and her former life as a competitive dancer. As the principal's position at the school becomes vacant, Lora needs to make the difficult decision between staying and fighting for the job, or running away from the intimidation she faces.

With the help of the beloved students in her class, she discovers who she really is and easily makes the right decision.