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Till The Final Caprice 

Bulgaria, 2020, 78 min

Director: Ivan Yurukov

Script: Ivan Yurukov, Rossen Stefanov
D.O.P.: Galina Vassileva

Production: Vagabonty Films

Color Grading: Kalin Petrov / Concept Studio
Co-production: Krastyo Lambev / Concept Studio


"The pursuit of perfection gives sense to life. Striving for perfection gives one's meaning. The achievement of perfection may take it away."

A virtuous violin player withdraws from the big stage with the only aim to play the "Caprices" perfectly not for the audience, but for himself. A weapon buried in the ground is the reason for him to meet two boys from a mountain village. The spirit of Paganini comes back to life in the most unexpected and inappropriate places.