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Smart Christmas

Bulgaria, 2018, 90 min.

Script: Maria Veselinova
Director: Maria Veselinova
DOP: George Chelebiev
Producer: Vetrogon
Co-producer: Concept Studio
Post Production: Concept Studio

Language: Bulgarian language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
Rights Holder / Agent email:


At Christmas Eve 9-year-old Marty accidentally gets into Santa’s workshop where feverish preparation is on. Traditionally, all gifts are prepared by hand - a slow and intricate process. Overloaded with requests the Elves are in panic and fear they won’t meet their deadline but Marty quickly steps in and shows them how to use high technology to simplify their work.

At first sceptical, the Elves and Santa soon discover that the new system is easy and fun to use. It’s only Alabaster Snowball, the Elves’ former leader, that disapproves the modernisation and insists of keeping traditions. Just as Marty is at the height of his glory, he finds a system error.

Realising that Christmas is at stake everyone combines their efforts to save the holiday. Marty learns that technology alone is not enough.