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Uncle Claus

Bulgaria, 2021, 119 min.

Director: Ivaylo Penchev
D.O.P.: Georgi Chelebiev
Producer: Urban Media, Cinemaq

Language: Bulgarian Language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
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Shortly before a little orphan kid left with his adoptive parents for America, where his dreams will come true, he was abandoned by them and found himself on the street. This is a real story that inspired this movie. The abandoned Goshko finds a young mani in Santa Claus cloths, who has lost his memory. They are housed by three street musicians who have turned an abandoned bomb shelter into their home. Fate also meets them with the beautiful waitress Milena. The new friends already have a common cause - to make the child's dream come true at least once and to celebrate a real birthday party. 

The film is shot in the classic Christmas tradition, dramaturgically and visually. It makes you laugh, but is also touching; after the smiles there come a few tears, and in the end everything works out in the best way.