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Kalin and the Jail Team

Bulgaria, 2018, 62 min.

Director: Petko Gyulchev
Writer: Tonislav Hristov
D.O.P.: Petko Gyulchev
Producer: Izograph Production / Soul Food
Post - Production: Concept Studio

Language: Bulgarian Language and English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
Rights Holder / Agent email:

Festivals and Awards:
Sarajevo Film Festival 2018 - Best Documentary Nominee


A film about the effort of one man who strives to overcome the value systems affecting the outcasts of our society. The action takes place at Kazichene prison in Bulgaria. Kalin, the jail warden, thinks it’s worth fighting to win over the souls of those enduring the less than favourable conditions of the Bulgarian correctional system. He doesn’t judge his ‘clientele’; he only tries to draw out and encourage their hidden talents - unrecognised even by their closest family.

His goal? To save at least one of every 100 people out of the gutter.