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Ikarus from Kocherinovo

Bulgaria, 2019, 61 min.

Director: Emil Spahyiski
D.O.P.: Kiril Prodanov
Editor: Teodora Kostova
Producer: Contrast Films / Katya Trichkova

Language: Bulgarian Language with English subtitles
Rights: Worldwide Pay TV, Free TV, VOD, SVOD, DVD
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This is a tale, full of twists and turns, about the life story of a dreamer – Nikolai Popovski from Kocherinovo. He wished he could fly since he was a child. Without any proper training, he invents and builds the first Bulgarian helicopter in his father’s backyard. His ambitions grow bigger, his inventions – bolder, but life turns out to be as cruel as his dreams are daring. What is the price of a dream? What is the price you have to pay when you get close to the sun?

Festivals and awards

Best Documentary Debut Award, 2019, Festival for Bulgarian documentary and animation films, Golden Rython, Bulgaria
Official Selection, Master of Art festival, 2019, Bulgaria