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TV Series, Bulgaria, 2023 

 Yassen Grigorov, Alexander Smolyanov
Script: Aleksandar Spasov

Miglena Dimova-Kumitski, Nikolay Kolev, Yordan Petkov, Boryana Petkova, Mariana Sabeva

D.O.P.:  Anton Bakarski, Kiril Palikarski, Martin Dimitrov

Editor: Stoyan Velinov

Soundtracks: Ostava Ltd

Production: BTV, Concept STUDIO


After the sudden passing of Mihaylov, the influential founder of one of Bulgaria's most successful real estate firms, his most trusted employees, Daniel and Nikola, unexpectedly find themselves in charge of the business. However, their newfound leadership is complicated when they discover the existence of Sofia, Mihaylov's illegitimate daughter and legal heir to half of the company. This revelation turns their dream into a intricate situation. Curious about her father whom she never met, Sofia decides to immerse herself in the company's life, delving into the complex emotional dynamics of relationships, conflicts, and interactions within the office. Her involvement poses a threat to a crucial contract that is vital for the company's survival, compelling Daniel and Nikola to use every available means to dissuade her from pursuing this venture. As involuntary partners, they must learn to coexist and collaborate. Amidst the buying and selling of real estate, they come to realize that home is not just a physical place; it is something you create.