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She is Waving from the Train

Bulgaria, 2016, 30 min

Script: Kameliya Petrova
Director: Kameliya Petrova
DOP: Kiril Prodanov
Producer: Arteria Films/Kameliya Petrova
Co-producers: Concept Studio, Film Works


On her birthday Christine decides to make a surprise train-trip for Arman. Since he doesn't like neither trains, nor surprises too much, he ignores her efforts to make the coupe cozy and the trip exciting. In order to attract his attention and to make him jealous, she starts waving from the train window to whomever she sees - a village man and a points-man. That provokes Arman to make up two stories about how this radically changed the life of the strangers. Unconsciously that game of telling stories leads them to a conversation that reveals the truth about their own relationship.